We promote animal health


Pharmaqua is a veterinary pharmaceutical company, having its headquarters in Metamorfosis, in Athens, in Greece.

For the last 2 decades the company is devoted to the development, import and distribution of high quality veterinary pharmaceutical products and nutritional products for food producing animals. We have a wide network of sales people, health professionals and nutritionists all around Greece.

The company “Pharmaqua” was established in the year 1994 with the purpose of serving the rapidly expanding Aquaculture industry, by offering veterinary pharmaceuticals, vitamins, dietary supplements vaccines disinfectants and chemical products, essential for the management of the aquaculture farms and also for the prevention and application of therapeutical regimes.

Having already covered successful steps at the area of Greek aquaculture, in the year 2003 expanded in the rest of the farm animals, unifying its force with the veterinary pharmaceutical company Divita-Κ. Koloutsou, which was successfully active from the year 1989 in the area of the food-producing animals.

Our products are manufactured in Europe, in factories certified with a European G.M.P. Certificate, such as Dox-al Italia S.P.A and  Univet Ltd Ireland. We are also local representatives of the veterinary pharmaceutical company INVESA (industrial Veterinaria S.A.).

Our company has a wide portfolio to prevent and improve animal’s health and production, such as antibiotics, non- steroidal anti- inflammatory medicines, anthelminthics, nutritional supplements etc.

Today, our products are recommended by the veterinarians and are used by the largest integrators of farm animals, while our company continues the efforts for the improvement of the quality and the provided services.